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"The effect was to keep the people excited about one thing at a time, and divided, while steadily, through all the uproar of outrage and confusion, a certain end, held constantly in view, was pursued by main intention.”  - Garet Garrett, author of The Peoples Pottage

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A U.N. and Tribal Takeover

By Lawrence A. Kogan, Esq.





VIDEO: Press Conference on CSKT Water Compact Proposal

Montana Public Affairs Network


Olszewski and Republican cohort asks Daines to withdraw CSKT compact bill

Montana Free Press


Tribes' water compact foes cry foul at federal proposal



FAKE NEWS vs. FACT: Montana Water Rights Protection Act (MWRPA)

Press Release: Sen. Steve Daines


The Daines Fake News CSKT Compact

By Dr. Kate




Save Our Children



Florida ABC News Covers Widespread Medical Kidnappings Due to Child Abuse Pediatricians



VIDEO: The Real Truth About Cynthia Abcug