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“In the United States, the people rule, but only through institutions designed to protect the individual and minority from the tyranny of the majority. That system is worth protecting and serving.”   - Benjamin Franklin

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”  – Thomas Paine


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Draining the Swamp

This is an exclusive edition of This West is OUR West, focusing on major corruption within the Bureau of Land Management Office of Law Enforcement and Security (BLM OLES), the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement (FWS OLE) and the Department of the Interior (DOI).

Back in October of 2017, Christopher Kortlander submitted a FOIA request to the Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management regarding Robert Weaver. Fast forward to November 2018: when his  FOIA was not properly addressed, Mr. Kortlander has filed a civil suit: Christopher Kortlander v Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior and Ryan Zinke.

Much has been written about the corruption within these unelected bureaucratic agencies, particularly regarding the Bundy “Standoff” in Nevada, the Malheur Wildlife Refuge incident and resulting murder of LaVoy Finicum, the raid on Gibson Guitar, the BLM raid, threats, harassment and intimidation of Christopher Kortlander at the Custer Battlefield Museum, and Operation Cerberus Action - supposedly exposing trade in stolen antiquities and resulting in the suicide of Dr. James Redd, Robert Weaver and others.

Several whistleblower documents have come forward exposing the travesty of justice perpetrated by employees of the BLM OLES and FWS OLE. All have been included on this website, as well as numerous articles and videos regarding same.

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This latest Whistleblower document was mailed to President Donald Trump, Christopher Kortlander and This West is Our West. I received it just two days prior to the Conference I organized in Whitefish, Montana, on October 13th of this year which included Ammon Bundy and Christopher Kortlander as speakers.

This document has now been filed with the Clerk, U.S. Courts, District of Montana, Billings Division, which enables me to share it with you. It is a very lengthy document (over 100 pages) but well worth the read. I suggest you download it, print it out (it’s only paper and ink) and read the entire document. It is filled with shocking details of abuse and corruption, naming names, addresses and phone numbers. All other pertinent article and documents can be found under our new heading: Draining the Swamp.

Please share it far and wide. The corruption, malfeasance and criminal activity within these unelected bureaucratic bodies must be stopped. Informing yourself is key, and informing others is vital. But unless we put major pressure on our elected servants in Washington DC, we will get nowhere. I encourage you to read and educate yourself, and then stand with us in bringing pressure to bear on those who oversee these “officialdoms.”


Christopher Kortlander v BLM, DOI and Ryan Zinke


Kortlander FOIA request to DOI/BLM re: Robert Weaver (Exhibit A)


DOI/BLM response letter of Oct 23, 2017 (Exhibit F)


Wooten memo of Nov 27, 2017 re: prosecutorial abuse in US v Cliven Bundy et al (Exhibit B)


DOI/BLM response letter of Dec 12, 2017 (Exhibit G)


Kortlander appeal letter of May 16, 2018 (Exhibit H)


Anonymous Whistleblower document of Aug 20, 2018 (Exhibit E)


Kortlander appeal to MT State FOIA Coordinator, DOI/BLM of Sept 4, 2018 (Exhibit I)


DOI response of Sept 19, 2018 re: Kortlander FOIA request appeal (Exhibit C)


Anonymous Whistleblower document of June 29, 2012 (Exhibit D)