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“The effect was to keep the people excited about one thing at a time, and divided, while steadily, through all the uproar of outrage and confusion, a certain end, held constantly in view, was pursued by main intention.”  - Garet Garrett, author of The Peoples Pottage


Down the Rabbit Hole


Technological Barbarism This Way Commeth

While we are besieged with disastrous and divisive news coming at us daily from the media there is, in fact, a monster hiding in the closet. This behemoth is so huge and so devastating that it will compromise the health of every person on the planet.

Many are aware that the NSA is collecting ALL of our data, phone calls and emails. Some may also know of the dangers of radiation from our cell phones, Wi-Fi and smart meters, and many are living with the deleterious effects — inability to sleep, headaches, immune system disorders, cancer, etc.— often not recognizing  the cause.

That said, the technological beast that is being implemented as we speak is, in orders of magnitude larger and far more damaging than anything heretofore experienced.

We realize that the desire not to believe is simple human nature. When the mind cannot grasp, or cannot face up to a horrible fact, it turns away, as though refusing credence will conjure away the reality. Nevertheless, in this case it must be faced. And it must be stopped, or life on our small planet will be altered forever.

In order to grasp the import of the situation, please first watch the video:

5G – What’s That?


T-Mobile Announces Plans for Nationwide, True 5G Network


Silicon Valley Could Be Coming to a Town Near You


Nemont Telephone Selects Mimosa Networks for Fiber-Fast Wireless Broadband Services


Coast to coast: T-Mobile exec pledges 5G wireless service in Montana by 2020


5G Technology Is About to Revolutionize Smart City Deployments


Growing High-Paying Montana Jobs


Verizon will launch 5G home internet access in 2018


Links to Full Length Videos and Other Articles on 5G


What can we do?  First and foremost, share this information with everyone you know. Secondly, the following bills are before Congress and must be stopped. Call, write AND email your Senators and Representatives immediately and let them know how you feel. We need many voices making a lot of noise! 

S. 19 Mobile Now Act

Passed Senate amended 8/3/2017

Latest Action: House 8/4/2017 Held at desk


S.88  - DIGIT Act

Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things Act

Passed Senate. 8/11/2017 referred to the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology


HR 686 – DIGIT Act (Same Bill)

Introduced in the House

Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce 1/24/2017


Also check out the following website and lend your support:

Parents For Safe Technology