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Curt Kruse Has Created New Videos Analyzing LaVoy Finicum's Assassination



Elias Alias here, with exciting news!  Curt Kruse has added three more "Forensic" videos to his series examining the assassination of LaVoy Finicum.  These three new videos raise the total in the series to eleven outstanding videos.

 Each of these videos imparts important insights into the murder of LaVoy. I hope many of you will want to spread the links around. The more people who become informed about the government's criminality in this deliberate assassination operation, the better are the chances that Jeanette Finicum's wrongful death lawsuit will be successful. Thank you each for supporting the Finicum Family in their struggle for justice.



Thank you for reading and for viewing the Curt Kruse series.
All eleven videos in this series are available at my YouTube channel.

1 — The Deadly Roadblock —
2 — The Foam Bullet —
3 — The Planted Gun —
4 — Two Shots The FBI Lied About —
5 — Shot With His Hands In The Air —
6 — Courage In The Line of Fire —
7 — The Five Minutes of Shooting —
8 --- LaVoy Finicum: The First Shot --
9 -- LaVoy Finicum: The First Shot (Updated) --
10 -- LaVoy Finicum: _ Pre-Assassination Psyops --
11 -- LaVoy Finicum -- Post-Assassination Psyops --

Salute! with a Tip of the Hat to Curt Kruse!
Elias Alias