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Did Bundy Owe Millions? See For Yourself!

Bundy was telling the truth!

November 18, 2017 Featured, Nevada, Public Lands 18

Did Bundy Owe Millions? See For Yourself!

Did Bundy Owe Millions? See For Yourself!

By Staff

The trial for the Nevada Ranch, Cliven Bundy, is underway in Las Vegas. Bundy is accused of refusing to pay over one million dollars in grazing fees to the Bureau of Land Management, resulting in a forced impoundment operation.

The impoundment, known as “Operation Gold Butte” caused hundreds of supporters from around the country to gather in Bunkerville, Nevada in April 2014.

The Main Stream Media has continued the narrative that Bundy owed over $1,000,000 in grazing fees, including FOX NEWS just this week. Bundy has repeatedly stated that this is untrue.

Documents filed in the case have been substantial and overwhelming for most people to sort through. However, the proof is there.

In a letter dated Jan 21, 2011, and filed in the case Dec 21, 2012, it clearly outlines what fees that the BLM felt was owed to them. Full page here Full page here.


Total trespass fees were only $8,815.50.

Administrative Fees added to this are $283,776.00

Add a $10.00 Service fee and the total comes to $292,601.50.

This is well below the reported amount of over a million dollars!

Bundy was telling the truth!

The main stream media seems to think that the truth isn’t good enough and they must embellish the amount.

However, do not forget, the government has allowed these “mistakes” to go unchallenged in the public perception. This could be considered complicit in deceiving the public.

Though the grazing fees are not the central part of the trial, it certainly is a major point for the public.

The current trial of Cliven Bundy, two of his sons, Ryan and Ammon, as well as supporter Ryan Payne, began this month after multiple delays.

After two previous trials, the prosecution has yet to gain any substantial guilty verdicts and seem to be resorting to deception to gain their sought after prize. They have been caught several times withholding evidence and being less-than-truthful with the court.

Judge Gloria Navarro, who has previously shown favoritism towards the prosecution, has yet to sanction the government, dismiss the case, or at least declare a mistrial.

The trial is expected to last 3-4 months. There is another trial for more defendants due to start 30 days after the completion of this trial.