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Election Issues on Indian Reservations

The Honorable Vice-President, Mike Pence, Chair,

Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity
Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Room 268
Washington, D.C. 20504                                                                            November 20, 2017

RE:  Election Issues on Indian Reservations

Honorable Chairman and Commissioners:

I sincerely appreciate President Trump for his wisdom and leadership to address a long standing problem by establishing this much needed Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.  Vice-President Pence, I want to thank you for your leadership into the inquiry on election irregularities and the disparities that exist between two classes of American citizen’s due to fraudulent election activities.

With federal Indian policy there has developed an American caste system within election activities. There is one class who are taxpaying hard working American’s in which the law of the United States apply and must adhere to and another class who have all the rights of being an American citizen but do not have to adhere to the rule of law.  On one hand tribes enjoy the benefits of being recognized as sovereign governments, however they seem to be exempt from the laws and rules which affect all other governments and elected officials that apply to the non tribal American.  The tribes are an exempt class that is allowed to make vast amount of non taxable income which then in turn is funding the destruction of our election system and as a consequence the very government in which governs a vast number of non tribal Americans and the election system which makes America an exceptional and unique nation in the world.  

Without any action by Congress conveying these special exemptions there has been a small Federal Election advisory committee that issued opinions which does not hold the weight and authority of law but which has been treated as law. Indian tribes are able to vote in our government yet they have a separate government which tribes assert jurisdiction over non tribal people who have no ability to vote or participate in their governments.  Tribal members can and do get elected into our government offices and they are able to do this by having the ability to influence how their tribal members vote and as you will see in the attached documents their employees,  most of which are non tribal people.

I have attached for you to read and consider the implications of such activities taking place in our elections:

·         A letter sent out to tribal members of the Coeur D’Alene Tribe with a sample ballot filled for the tribal governments highly “recommended votes”.  Encouraging the members to vote as the tribal council has determined and to take the filled out sample ballot into vote.

·         An article which was published in the Coeur d’Alene tribes newspaper “Counsel Fires’” in which they offer incentives for the tribal employees which the vast majority are non tribal to go vote.  It is assumed that the sample ballots were most likely handed to the employees at their place of employment it is possible that they also received a letter such as the one to tribal members.

·         An article from the Coeur d’Alene press in which a US Attorney stated that US Code section 18 was a violation.  Even though when a complaint was lodged it was dismissed because of the Tribal status determination under the Federal Election Advisory Commission opinion.

·         A copy of the Sheriff report that was filed by our then House of Representative legislator.

Indian tribal governments can and do use a lot of their tax free and possibly taxpayer received funds to give almost unlimited amounts of money to political parties, candidates and elected office holder in the non tribal government, but they are not required to report or have limitations as do non tribal American citizens nor the restrictions placed on non tribal governments.  We have observed that the candidates and elected officials in our government are also not required to report funds received from Indian tribes. Tribal governments are organized as a corporation under US law, yet they have been given sovereign government status.  Two different set of rules, one that applies to anyone not a member of an Indian tribe and one set for tribes are that enjoy being exempt and totally non transparent.  That is not working for those unfortunate Americans subject to that corruptible system.

If we want to make America Great Again it is imperative to eliminate the cast system and put everyone on an equal footing.  American Indians are either an American citizen as was granted to them in the Indian Citizen Act of 1924 or not. That entails being an American citizen with all the rights and privileges and taxpaying participation, and to which the same set of laws and rules especially regarding elections of local, state and federal offices apply. There absolutely should not be two different rules, laws, and standards.  To do so makes our nation no different than South Africa under the apartheid system.  As one group solely based on racial ethnicity has privileges and exceptional rights that are not afforded to the other. 


Pamela Secord

St Maries, Idaho 83861


Tribal voting irregularity evidence