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Prosecution Calls Inspector General Report an "Urban Legend"

The witness said to Ryan Bundy that “My hat goes off to you because you are very knowledgeable” on the Constitution.

November 21, 2017


Prosecution Calls Inspector General Report an “Urban Legend”

by Shari Dovale

The Bunkerville Standoff trial in Las Vegas continued this morning with motions being argued. At one point, the defense brought up an OIG (Office of the Inspector General) report that had been referred to by SAC Daniel Love during a previous hearing. The report apparently refers to a reprimand of the BLM for ignoring the court order against Bundy for 15 years.

Though the prosecution was aware of the report, even referencing it themselves, they stated they did not know that it even existed because they had not seen it.. Acting US Attorney Steven Myhre suggested that it may have been just “An Urban Legend” and that no one will be able to find it.

After the lunch break, the jury was brought back in to hear cross examination of the government’s witness, Terry Petrie, a high level government attorney with decades of experience. The highlight of the cross examination was, again, Ryan Bundy.

Bundy took the entire courtroom through a lesson on the US Constitution. Though the defense attorneys may have been secretly hoping that Bundy would not ask more than a few questions, he showed that this was his area of expertise.

Petrie admitted that he has not read, nor does he understand the US Constitution. He attempted to excuse his lack of knowledge on the Supreme law of the land with claims that the Federal government does not go by the Constitution, they use case law instead.

However, Petrie was impressed with Bundy. The witness said that “My hat goes off to you because you are very knowledgeable” on the Constitution.

With Petrie on the witness stand, Bundy had him read portions of the Constitution that he did not know about. Petrie even went so far as to ask Bundy to define select words for him that he did not understand. The prosecution was visibly upset at this testimony. AUSA Daniel Scheiss spent a good portion of time with his head in his hands.

The prosecution had previously been able to keep the Constitution out of the courtroom, even keeping defendants from mentioning it’s [sic] existence. However, this defense in this trial have argued successfully that a central part of the case goes to the US Constitution.

Judge Navarro allowed Bundy to give his well-used copy of the document to the witness to read. The jury stayed very engaged during the reading, with many taking notes.

The day ended on a high note for the defense when, after the jury was excused, Judge Navarro stated that Ryan Bundy will be allowed to spend Thanksgiving at home with his family.