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RED PILL EXPO: Private Property Rights, Freedom and Prosperity Go Hand in Hand




June 23 – 24, 2017

Private Property Rights, Freedom and Prosperity Go Hand in Hand

March 15, 2017

By Russell Gray

Private Property

The ability to own private property is the foundation freedom and for building financial security … and real estate is a perfect case in point. Real estate provides housing, a place to do business, and the means to the most essential forms of production … farming, ranching, mining … even water.

Think about it. Just how financially secure are you or your country without rights to own real estate.

But what is “ownership” without control? And what happens when society’s needs and desires slam up against individual rights?

Conflict. And it’s often intense and expensive.

Sometimes it’s just heated debate and angry rhetoric. Often, it ends up in litigation with issues being decided in the courts.
When rank and file real estate investors think about property rights, it’s usually in terms of zoning, building codes, and rent control.

But there are a whole host of other rights which are often part and parcel of property ownership … including air, water and mineral rights, and more besides!

Government routinely restricts the unfettered use of private property. It’s part of the price people have been willing to pay for a more organized and orderly society.

But like the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent … once government’s got its nose in your private business, it can swiftly shift from nuisance to threat.

Left unchallenged, individual property rights … and the freedom and prosperity they represent … descend at the extreme into tyranny and slavery.

So it’s incumbent on every active or aspiring property owner who desires to protect and enhance their own individual freedom and prosperity … to pay close attention to what’s REALLY happening in the arena of private property rights.
Most people would never simply donate ALL of their personal property and freedom for “greater good”. But many would contribute some.

Ironically, it’s often this human kindness and generosity which is exploited by those in power to repeatedly encroach on the rights of the individual.

And often that encroachment is NOT for the “greater good” as is claimed … but rather for the unfair benefit of a select group of insiders.

It’s called cronyism and its rampant in modern government.

In recent years, the rallying cry for trampling on private property owners’ rights for the use, enjoyment and economic benefit of their property, has been environmentalism.

This isn’t to say that all environmental issues are invalid and phony … but some are.
And it isn’t to say that all environmentalists rely upon fake science and hyperbole to line their pockets and those of their cronies. But some do.

The reason the power grabbers often win in the court of public opinion is because there are slivers of truth in their piles of lies. And average, productive people are too busy minding their own business to really pay attention.

But when the camel’s nose gets a little far up into a freedom lover’s business, he wakes up and pushes back.
That’s what the Red Pill Expo is all about …

Paying attention. Getting informed. Connecting with other freedom lovers, thought leaders, and organizations … dedicated to pushing back on the assault on personal freedom.

We may not agree on everything. But virtually everyone wants more truth, freedom, health, and prosperity in their individual lives.

A big part of an individual’s and a nation’s liberty and prosperity are strong property rights. And right now, there are global organization working tirelessly to force you to subordinate yours and America’s to a “greater good” … that’s demonstrably up to no good at all.

To learn more about what’s really going on and how you can protect yourself, make plans today to attend the next Red Pill Expo to be held in Bozeman, Montana on June 23-24, 2017!