This West Is OUR West

The Shame of Modern Wildlife Priorities

18 December 2017

By Jim Beers

I have spoken and written for years about the growing priority among Americans to treat pets not only as children, but as even superior to children.  This domestic animal preference has been paralleled by campaigns to eradicate animal husbandry and to sanctify and protect absolutely species like wolves, grizzly bears and select animals important for other government and animal advocate agendas.

Only yesterday I wrote, in an article about deadly wildlife disease transmission titled Wolves, Prions & Gullible Americans” that, “American Canine (i.e. dogs, wolves and coyotes) disease “research” consists mainly of “dogs as pets”-oriented studies for the benefit of veterinarians, the pet industry and the millions of Americans that “love” their dog and in very many ways revere them as much or more than children.  Wolves and coyotes, when treated at all (mostly by government & NGO financed “research” to justify pre-determined outcomes), are characters from a Disney cartoon beloved by all; vilified by a minority, and as pure as Snow White as they wander the countryside bringing back wildflowers, buffalo and eventually a Native Ecosystem everywhere but the cities whose voters put them “out there” and are tickled pink about what is happening.  Conversely, nations like Russia and Brazil publish reams about wild Canines and their role in carrying and spreading diseases of danger to humans, domestic animals and other wild animals.” 

This “inhuman” (the correct word) American priority of pets over children has been simultaneously extended to select wild animals over all other humans.  For instance, through the UN, “Developed” Nations encourage and finance wildlife programs In Asia and Africa that retard human development with the excuse of “saving” select animals that kill humans and mire economies in perpetual semi-poverty.  This same phenomenon has grown in America as well, where in another section of the above-mentioned article I wrote, “It is one of the great ironies of modern America that the same soccer Mom that yells for her kids to “get inside” and then calls 911 because one or two unfamiliar stray dogs are running loose in the neighborhood is the very same wolf “lover” and contributor to radical NGO’s and politicians that pay bureaucrats to infest rural Americans with dense and uncontrolled wolf and coyote populations.”

These very disturbing trends arose in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s upon passage of a multitude of federal laws from the Endangered Species Act to the Animal Welfare Act that began an ever-increasing series of federal regulations, federal spending and federal bureaucracies given never-before imagined powers to create, manipulate and enforce massive government “animal” programs.  These programs, ostensibly to “protect” everything from government-designated “endangered” species and wild horses to domestic pets and laboratory experimental animals have proven to be Trojan Horses in American society.  In reality these new federal laws subsumed Constitutional state and local authorities and jurisdictions and placed them under unaccountable federal bureaucrats and an emerging class of rich Non-Government Organizations that have combined to ultimately disenfranchise human priorities at the expense of an array of animal species that are little more than tools being used to enrich the NGO employees, federal bureaucrats (and “cooperative” state bureaucrats and select academicians) and the multitude of agendas that support them.

A quick list of but a few of what these federal “animal” laws have wrought in the past 40+ years would include:

  • Destroying many big game herds and big game hunting and resulted in revenue reductions for state wildlife agencies.
  • Causing millions of dollars in losses to American animal husbandry, medical laboratory medicinal development resulting in ranch closures, herd reductions and foregone medical discoveries.
  • Causing the deaths of thousands of all manner of dogs.
  • Serving as justification to destroy dams and thus irrigation areas, power generation and water recreation.
  • Jeopardizing 5th Amendment (property rights) of property owners in rural America.
  • Killing and maiming (with no responsibility) many campers, hikers, hunters and other rural recreationists as well as rural residents who are then blamed for not “behaving correctly” when encountering federally-placed and protected wolves and grizzly bears

Note that all of such things have been authorized by federal law and those that passed them (politicians); those that implement them (bureaucrats); those that lobby for them (NGO’s); and those that justify (academics) these unjust actions bear no responsibility for their results that if perpetrated by you or me would result in extreme punishment and ruin.  What would happen if I was seen to:

  • Destroy big game herds?
  • Destroy ranching and medical research?
  • Kill thousands of privately owned dogs?
  • Destroy dams?
  • Take your property rights without compensation for my own purposes?
  • Release and protect animals that killed and maimed people?

I submit that these are all actions that certainly a citizen could not commit without punishment and in addition none of them can be justified by our Constitution as in any way the exercise by government of any legitimate power, especially when ultimately justified as harming American Society on behalf of animals.  When we say it is legitimate to destroy families and communities for animals, we are declaring war on ourselves, our families and our descendants: we are saying this or that animal is More Important than your welfare of your family or your property or your rights or your descendants.

I worked in the wildlife field for over 40 years.  I watched this evil concept arise, grow and corrupt our national politics.  I worked under two Directors of the US Fish and Wildlife Service that stole (they preferred the term “diverted”) millions of dollars from state wildlife agency funds to do things Congress had refused to authorize or fund.  I watched “animal” NGO’s and “animal”-prioritizers take control of the US Fish and Wildlife Service workforce and its programs.  I watched them whine for authority over all “Invasive” species “like brown tree snakes and kudzu” when they really meant brown trout and pheasants to be eradicated, and to “control Invasive importations” when for over 80 years they were charged with prohibiting importation of “Injurious wildlife” and parts of the country are being overrun with boa constrictors, pythons, piranhas and snakeheads.  I have watched federal bureaucracies close down sustainable natural resource programs thus destroying ranches, towns and local governments.  I have watched federal bureaucracies close down access to the federal lands they constantly expand through purchases and financing easements.  I have seen them treat American citizens like Ukrainian peasants under Stalin and then go back to their hotel rooms to feast, drink and laugh about all those rural rubes that “shouldn’t be out there anyway”.  I have felt a deepening shame about this as I grow older for not having realized and fought this earlier.

That said, while watching the news this morning that feeling of shame and sense of outrage, returned to me with a vengeance.

A walking interview with DHS Secretary Nielsen along the (Rio Grande River) Mexico/Texas border that was intended to show the need for a border wall and DHS activities exposed the latest radical expression of placing animals over humans, human society and the Constitution of the United States.  The Secretary noted a stretch of vegetation up ahead and noted one of the problems they have in this stretch of the border was a National Wildlife Refuge (Santa Ana).  In this stretch of the border where 400+ a day are crossing illegally from Mexico, the Secretary said we can’t build a road or other structure in there that makes her Department’s job much tougher and much more dangerous.

Curious, I researched the Santa Ana Refuge and the wall and was regaled with article after article about protests, demonstrations and outrage from all across the country by “environmentalists” and “human rights advocates” yelling that the refuge would be ruined and that part of Texas would be irreparably harmed (?)  Really?  A refuge “for birds” established in 1943 would be “harmed” by a wall?  We are talking about a primary purpose here being migratory and resident birds, not armadillos to whom a wall is an obstacle.  What the fuss is about is ocelots and jaguars; two species claimed to be “endangered” and the “environmental/human rights’ advocates (i.e. illegal alien advocates) have decided to use as a surrogate for bashing President Trump (for keeping his promise to “Build a Wall) and to remind all Americans that a federal wildlife (or Forest or BLM parcel, etc.) refuge with any animal of concern to the bureaucrats in charge is superior to any silly Constitutional or human rights you may think are “unalienable” like those Bozos that wrote The Declaration of Independence said.  Federal land is federal land and some animals are superior to all humans when we say so.  Anyone challenging this better have “more Divisions than us” to paraphrase Stalin’s infamous retort about Papal interference with his nefarious actions.

This reminded me of a similar claim of animal superiority west along the AZ/NM Mexican border.  Three or four  years ago, an “Hispanic” US Congressman from Arizona (or should I say a “US ‘Hispanic’ Congressman from Arizona”, or should I say an “Arizona ‘Hispanic’ US Congressman”, or should I say “US Arizona Congressman from someplace in The New World where they speak Spanish”?) that was opposed to any immigration control threw his weight behind an environmental/human rights proposal to declare six border sections in AZ and NM as “Critical Habitat” for the “endangered” jaguar that is numerous from N Mexico to central S America but that’s another story and besides, who’s counting?

He and this gang of environmental/anti- immigration control advocates got the USFWS (that also runs Santa Ana NWR) to propose six border parcels as “Critical Habitat” while carefully avoiding intervening Indian Reservation lands along the border in those areas to get more “local” support that never seems to be necessary for such things elsewhere.   He essentially proposed making many miles of border a wall/road/enforcement-free zone for illegal aliens, drug runners, terrorists and other ne’er-do-wells to utilize.

Jaguars are not persons; National Wildlife Refuges are not Government Temples.  Kate Steinle was a person; American temples are Private Property as defined and protected in our Constitution.  Anyone, any government, any law or any assertion that animals are to be elevated to a priority equal to, much less superior to, either the “unalienable” rights of “all men” mentioned in The Declaration of Independence or the specific rights and responsibilities defined in the US Constitution is unjust, illegal and frankly “nuts”.  To paraphrase Secretary (General) Mattis when asked if certain bad actors kept him awake at night (“no I keep them wake at night!”): animals do not take things from humans; we grant and suspend very limited things for them at will and at our discretion.  There is no equality in that equation.

Sanctuary City/States, murders, MS-13, a City calling in the UN (?), drunken driving homicides, terrorism, economic debates, etc. compose a witches brew of American governance today.  The last thing we need is interference from self-serving groups claiming contrived “rights” for some animal or sacred place set aside for animals as a deciding factor on whether this country lives or dies.

“Animal” laws have bred corruption, wasted billions of dollars and are now endangering the very existence of the greatest nation on earth.  I for one say, “Enough!”  The time to roll back and reassert control over this maniacal farce is now or we may as well tell the kids and grandkids to find another place because this one is, as they say, going to the