This West Is OUR West

Thinkin' Out Loud

We, The People of this nation (and most importantly THIS valley!) need to wake up; that's not roses or coffee that we're smelling.  Whether you like it or not, we are systematically being driven from this part of America, like lemmings over a cliff.  Why? Oh, I don't know, you pick a good reason.  How?  Through government and tribal intimidation, unrealistic taxation and insane legislation to support racism, plain and simple.


1. The BIA has returned to "trust", land purchased by the CS&K that is NOT within the external boundaries of their reservation.  Exactly how is THAT possible?!!?  Remember: they ceded, relinquished and conveyed ALL land they claimed as theirs to the Federal Government, receiving in return, land now owned by the Feds for Tribal use and occupation in a trust status.  The 1855 Treaty was not a "living document" that can be changed over time.  They were 'terminal' documents.


2. The Feds gave the CS&K the right to manage the renamed Mission Valley Power company when they illegally cut it free from the Power Entity back in 1985.  It has been stated that it was done under the PL93-638 but that's subterfuge because MVP was created to serve non-Indians as well as Indians and it has never been federally published as a PL, while the tribe's lawyers have lobbied to have it changed into one.


3. The Feds, back in 1985, gave the tribe "right of first refusal" on the FERC license to operate Kerr Dam when the then current license expired in 2015.  Since when is a "public utility" basically GIVEN to a Sovereign Nation by any element of the u.S. government and not put out for bid?  Do We The People know by what rules or law, the Dam was built?  By what authority was the digging of the Newell Tunnel begun?  Was the land taken out of trust, like was done for the railroad?  Who paid for the construction costs of Kerr dam?  I believe the Irrigation Districts paid the Feds back for the costs of the Newell tunnel AND the dam - and remember: the tribal members were exempted from any fees to the district, so they paid nothing.  So, exactly what part did the CS&K play in all of this?  How can the Feds GIVE the tribes the dam, for a measly $18M, and ignore the fact that the Irrigators of the districts paid for it?  Is the land the dam occupies still held in Trust by the feds or was it taken out of trust?  I'm guessing it was held in trust, as "rent" has been paid annually to the CS&KT by the owner of the FERC license.


If you think that the new owners of the FERC license are playing by the same rules their predecessors did, you've forgotten that the agreements were changed dramatically immediately prior to taking ownership, by the Sovereign nation of CS&KT.  They play by their own rules, not ours.


All of this leads us to the latest article in the Daily Interlake that says the "County" (Lake) plans to make up for the ~$2M revenue shortfall from the Dam by taxing US, the residents and landowners in the county.  Really?  There's only about 23,000 (minus the tribe) people living in Lake County.  Not all of them are taxpayers.  So, let's say that 15,000 are property taxpayers.  At what point is enough enough?  How about we just discontinue the PL280 stuff without further adieu?  That should make up for the revenue shortfall in the county coffers.




Dear Russell,

                  This is to advise you that our long term plan to re-purchase the Flathead Reservation is going smoothly and quietly.  At our present rate of acquiring land from non-tribal members, we will control enough land by the year 2010 to demand that Congress purchase the remaining land and return complete control of the Reservation to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.  Those whites which cannot be bought or taxed out will have to be encouraged to leave by other means


Keep your eye on the ball.  Our valley had become the focus of some pretty foul acts and is working to set precedents that will be copied by racial, self-serving entities across the nation and into Canada.


M ...