This West Is OUR West

What is Falconry and Why Should We care?

By Elaine Willman | January 30, 2019

I was recently contacted by representatives of Falconers in Arizona, and coincidentally received a link to the article below from Pacific Legal Foundation.  Readers should understand that a primary purpose of this industry is to provide, by contract with farmers, trained falcons to discourage predator birds reducing or destroying crops.  Unlike pesticides, trained Falcons provide a natural and necessary service for a range of crops and vineyards across the country.  This industry is highly regulated by States and the Federal government (See Title 50, Sec. 21.29).

Think about this:  During the previous administration, federal agency employees terrorized farmers, cattlemen and irrigators, while simultaneously supporting transfer of state waters to tribal governments to redirect water away from agriculture. Serious efforts to remove dams have also been in play for years.

Why? Deprive water to agriculture.  The Obama Administration was critically targeting food production in the Western states.  Every agency that could diminish meat and crop production—even falconry—was rolled out. The Endangered Species Act was used to wipe out agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley of northern California where 20% of America's food once grew.

As you read the article and watch the video below, think also about the terrorist activities perpetrated upon grazing lands (Hammonds, Bundys), removal of Klamath Dams, four suicides of private property owners harassed by the USFW, BLM, etc.

The bottom line is that while we have had a much-needed change in the current federal administration that is hopeful, the thugs from previous administrations are still in the un-elected federal bureaucratic agencies wreaking havoc with private citizens and entirely ignoring the U.S. Constitution. The Western states, especially, are truly suffering under this tyranny while elected state and federal officials refuse to assert state sovereign authority and protection of their state citizens.