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A gift for all to celebrate


A gift for all to celebrate

A gift has been presented to all the people of Montana. The gift is a simple solution. A solution that may, should it be the will of our heavenly creator, lift the dark cloud of uncertainty that Montana has endured ever since the partial, one-ofthree- party passage, of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes water compact. A gift that captures the true spirit of our American republic. The Peoples Compact is that gift.

It is presented as a direct congressional redress of grievance and a masterful example of a grassroots collaboration that legally exists to circumvent any alleged bad law or bad precedence.

The process follows a once forgotten template in which may now become the new norm, for “We The People” are the government, collectively.

An 18-page draft of the Peoples Compact is available for your review and is appropriately named the Mending Fences Act of 2019. The individual tribal member, CSKT government and the people of Montana are all considered in this arduous undertaking to create a momentous, simple and lawful protection of Montana existing and more importantly Montana’s future water uses. A gift that we can all celebrate. Please visit, educate yourself and support the redress of grievance process that only “we the people” are provided within the great shores of America.

—Jeanne Dennison, Charlo