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COMMENT: Is Zinke 'Migration Corridors' order the Endangered Species Act on steroids?

Migration Corridors


Subject: Is Zinke ‘Migration Corridors’ order the Endangered Species Act on steroids?


I am surprised that even a UCLA graduate and Lawyer with Latin adulations on his Doctorate from Northwestern (Clifford C. Nichols, Esq.) can see and describe what is all but invisible to the general public.  Good for him.


The answer to your Subject question is Yes.


Unless rejected in court and the state wildlife agencies, as the illusory (think wolves and grizzlies) primary authorities over “big game”, will not fight it for two reasons -1. They will get money and possible jobs if they cooperate and 2. They do not want the next Administration of the other party to think of them as having any authority or jurisdiction notions other that as handmaidens to whatever cockamamie proposal emanates from the federal government.  This “Order” will establish and reinforce more legal precedent and belief in the minds of young and old alike that the federal government is the “be-all and end-all” regarding Everything in any way related to “Thu Environment”.


Sure, the feds should and always did with few exceptions (like National Parks) up until about 30 years ago, cooperate with state authorities and local citizens in benefitting big game, small game, sport fish, “rough” (i.e. non-sport) fish and non-game critters (all of which were once under primary state jurisdiction; no, really!) whether sporting fins, feathers photo appeal or antlers.  Those days are disappearing into the history books.


That this is even stated, much less put in an “Order” subject to future political whims and agendas, says more about the state of things nationally than any reversal of the growing federal presence and power.  As was always said of the ESA, “What could possibly go wrong?”  Could the next Secretary possibly cancel this “Order” and thereby justify eliminating all such activity?  If you think not, for whatever reason (end there would be many nefarious ones), you are what John Wayne fondly referred to as a “Pilgrim”.


I apologize for not putting a happy face on this but it would still look like lipstick on a pig.


Jim Beers

21 February 2018