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PC Magazine Article "The Problem With 5G" Cites Health Effects As A Reason Why 5G Technology Isn't Worth The Risk

August 26, 2018

By BN Frank

How many health experts have to say that 5G isn’t worth the risk before this insane “Race for 5G” is finally stopped?

Some continue to say there’s not enough research that proves it’s harmfulThat’s simply not true.  Proof of harm continues to be cited and reported

PC Magazine now joins the 5G opposition in their August 22, 2018 article, “The Problem with 5G.”

Excerpts include:

The technology might be the problem, but even worse for the companies behind it is the perception that 5G is already unsafe before they even get it on a single pole.

Because the industry is too cheap to study the health effects of the technology itself, it lets this sort of product out the door despite the fact that it has already been weaponized by the military. These frequencies are so poor at travelling long distances, they need a transmitter on nearly every telephone pole and light pole to make 5G work.


As usual, the mostly arrogant (or naïve) technology industry is caught flat-footed at the negative reaction. It always figures that the stupid public will buy into anything new and jazzy if it makes their handheld phone seem a little faster, and even pay more for the privilege of the upgrade.

One of the ways the industry has made this all work in the past is by quick implementation followed by a “Hey look it works! Nobody was killed” approach. That cannot happen with true 5G, which needs all these mini-towers all over the place. That leaves plenty more time for the public to get a clue and be freaked out.

Are you freaked out enough yet?


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